Volvo F10 & F12 at Work: 1977-83 (Trucks at Work)



In his first book on Volvo, dealing with the F88 and F89, Patrick Dyer took us up to the F88 290, a stop-gap truck brought out while the F10 and F12 range was being developed. These emerged in 1977 in their ‘flat-top’ versions of enhanced safety cabs that lasted until 1983, the scope of this book. As a direct companion to Patrick’s F88 & F89 book, this volume is based on a rich selection of photographs, many full-page. As previously, these include images from the Volvo archive as well as enthusiasts’ shots. Volvo F10 & F12 at Work’s photographs show many UK operators on the road as well as some continental ones, a range that will evoke a host of memories from people in the trucking world. Patrick introduces the major developments and accompanies the photographs with knowledgeable captions. This is a subject particularly close to his heart as he is the proud owner of a 1983 Volvo F12, finished in the livery of Edwin Shirley trucking.