upscreen Reflection Shield Screen Protector Matte TomTom TW© Trucker 6000 – Anti-Glare, Anti-Fingerprint



upscreen® Reflection Shield Matte Premium Screen Protector for TomTom TW© Trucker 6000 minimizes light reflections on your display and prevents fingerprints and smudges due to the anti-fingerprint coating.

Anti-Glare Protection
The matte surface reduces light and sun reflections on your screen.

Strong scratch protection
The new developed strong coating of your upscreen® protects your display against scratches and damages.

Anti-Fingerprint Coating
The oleophobic coating resists oil and smudges, reduces fingerprints and ensures easy cleaning.

Touch-screen optimized
The multitouch optimized surface preserves the original touch experience of your device. The smooth surface of the protector ensures a pleasant touch sensation.

Easy, bubble-free installation
The advanced silicon adhesive ensures an easy, bubble-free installation and a perfect adhesion. It is easily removable with no sticky residue or marks left on screen.

Precision Cut
Your upscreen® is manufactured in Germany with the most advanced laser technology following the highest quality standards.

upscreen® Reflection Shield Matte Premium Screen Protector for TomTom TW© Trucker 6000 (1x Display), Cleaning Wipe, Smoothing Card, Wet Pad, Dust Remover, 3 Guide Stickers, Installation Instructions.


    The matte surface of the screen protector minimizes light reflections allowing a sharp vision of your display also in direct light conditions – Upsafe your TomTom TW© Trucker 6000The protector has a strong anti-scratch layer to protect your screen from scratches and it is optimized for high resolution multitouch displaysThe anti-fingerprint layer of this protector prevents fingerprint and dirt smudges and ensures easy cleaningThe special adhesive layer ensures an easy and bubble-free installationThis exclusive screen protector is manufactured in Germany following the highest quality standards