Spiderman Truck Playset

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The Spiderman Play set is full of action packed fun and features not only spider man but each area of the play set is themed on one of Spiderman. ó. s mortal enemies. There is the Sandman, Doc Ock and the Green Goblin. The Spiderman play folds out from the truck to reveal the famous Manhattan skyline and the buildings really unfold!. The play set includes 4 vehicles to race around the streets and jump the bridges whilst you hunt down Spiderman. ó. s enemies. There is also a Helicopter to carry the Baddies to Gaol. There is also a spiral ramp that you can race two cars down, A spinning track that will fire the car in to the Sandman. ó. s trap and dare you jump the bridge in to Spiderman. ó. s web. When you. ó. re finished just fold the play set back up in to the spider truck and drive off to you next adventure.No batteries required!. Box contains: 1x Spider Truck Play set, Micro cars, Micro Helicopter, instructions.


  • Packed with Activities
  • Micro cars included & helicopter
  • Truck opens up to manhatten playset
  • Action Packed
  • No Batterys required