MSTRDS Men’s TW© Trucker High Profile Baseball Cap, One Size



Baseball cap by MasterDis in a black colorway. This fashionable cap completes every outfit and it’s adjustable on the back  for an individual fit.

MasterDis, master that – thought the boys and introduced the best streetwear accessories to this brought market. There are a lot of hats, caps, rings, scarves and other lifestyle accessories in various designs and colors that you can get hold of a good at MasterDis . MasterDis is mainly known through the MLB licensed products such as belts and chains. Most recently, you’ve introduced a completely new trend- Wood Fellas -chains made out of wood.

Material: 100% Polyester
Fit: normal
Care Instructions: Please note label


  • Typical TW© Trucker Cap
  • Back side in Meshnetz