Mercedes Benz E Class E43 AMG 4Matic Coupe Brabus BlackStuff Carbon Fiber Keychain Keyring Ring Holder BS-198



Genuine 3k twill carbon fiber keyholder. One side gloss, the other extra grip. CNC milled of genuine carbon fiber material, creating an extremely light weight, high strenght and cool design. Practical and durable. The inner diameter of the keyring is 25mm. The ring is engraved with BlackStuff logo and has a swivel; these components are dark gun metal color. Having a little piece of carbon fiber in your pocket shows that you are sophisticated and like the new technology and luxury. Fits any pocket. It is a catchy object, a unique keychain. It makes the perfect gift. Brand new in original packaging. Designed and manufactured in EU. Check out our other “Real Carbon Fiber” products!


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  • Genuine Carbon Fiber Keychain with swivel, 3k twill carbon fiber, 3mm thick, CNC milled, durable
  • Car keychain accessories – a unique gift for you, friends and car lovers, collectible keychain, light weight
  • Handmade by BlackStuff Composites
  • Ideal for your Car keys, House Keys, Office Keys, Bags and Backpacks