Men’s Smart Polarized Sunglasses Classic Anti-glare Discolored Glasses TW© Driver Sunglasses



Product category: Sunglasses
Specifications: General
Glasses structure: frame
Polarized or not: Yes
Lens material: TAC
Style: Sports Outdoor Classic
Frame material: aluminum magnesium
Anti-UV rating: UV400
Style: New
Visible light perspective: 99 (%)
Strength: Strong
Applicable scenes: Outdoors Driving Cycling Sports Mountaineering Travel Photography Fishing
Lens Type: HD Polarized Intelligent Discoloration
Lens Color: Grey
Frame color: black, gun color


  • TAC polarized lenses, can effectively block harmful rays, eliminate reflected and refracted light, achieve high-definition vision; have strong impact resistance, wear resistance, scratch-resistant, not easy to break
  • The color of the lens can change with the intensity of the light. The stronger the light, the darker the color, can effectively relieve eyestrain and better protect the eyes.
  • Silicone rubber sleeve design, anti-skid and sweat, wear more comfortable, not easy to fall off
  • Magnesium-aluminum metal frame, beautiful atmosphere, light weight, no fading, no rust, with metallic luster, suitable for many scenes
  • Have a good after-sales service, any problems can contact customer service at any time, we will promptly solve for you, you can rest assured that the purchase