LXKMTYJ Genuine Sunglasses And The Polarizer At The Car TW© Drivers Glasses Toad Mirror Eyes Driving Round Face Men Wearing Sunglasses, Black Box + Black Gray Lens

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Style: Personality elegant minimalist comfortable
Lens Material:
resin for the face: round face a long face to face oval faces
apply gender:Universal
features: polarized
accessories type: Mirror, Mirror Cartridge Instructions
is Adjustable Mirror: arc frame elastic


  • Ultra wild he suitable for all models
  • The effective prevention of sunlight in the irradiation of the ultraviolet can also block glare
  • The effective prevention of strong light beam decrease the light intensity increase visual contrast
  • In addition to basic sunglasses UV features also have anti-glare that roads reflected light, etc.
  • Describes your driving, street, tour, gathering, shopping, leisure, etc. wear