HT BEI New Light Nylon Polarized Sunglasses Male Metal Big Box TW© Driver Driving Sunglasses



Product: Sunglasses

Shape: irregular

Color: as the picture shows

Material: metal, TAC

Weight: about 30g

Note: Any other decorations are not for sale.

Tip: Size is a purely manual measurement, there may be an error, in kind prevail.

Delivery Time: Depending on the different distances, the arrival time is usually around 15 working days.

If you receive any questions about the product, you can leave us a message, we will answer you within 24 hours.


  • Automatic repair of 20μm deep scratches, lens shines like new.
  • Polarized lens 6 layers cover membrane, visual effects are clearer.
  • Mirror legs adaptatio different Face type width.
  • folder hold force Only 0.25N, Comfortable to wear, easy and stress free.
  • TPR rubber has better resilience and abrasion resistance than ordinary rubber.