Dickie Toys 20″ Dump Truck with Air Pump Action

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Pump Action Vrachtwagen


  • DICKIE TOYS operates just as swiftly, powerfully and flexibly in the worldwide toy market as the car models do
  • The brand is one of the market leaders in the remote-controlled vehicles segment
  • Recommended for children from age 3

20-piece play life off-road setWith the play life off-road set crashes you cool outdoor adventures. The 20-piece spielset of Dickie Toys brings off-road action in the children's room.This text is machine translated. - More Info - EAN: 4006333054730

Dickie Toys 203084005 RC Cars 3 Turbo Racer Jackson Storm 1:24 RDickie Toys Turbo Racer Jackson Storm: competition for Lightning McQueen! What drives a racing car as Lightning McQueen? Exactly the right opponents! And the means in Film Cars 3 Jackson Storm. The futuristic racer can be a Turbo Racer Jackson Storm Of Dickie toys in the remote-controlled version claim. The 2-channel radio remote control (2.4 GHz) allows the control forward and backward and to the left and right - with a range of up to 20 meters. The Turbo function correctly flywheel gives. Only use batteries are still needed in addition. Perhaps the new opponents yes also to become a real Fan-Liebling? The Conditions voices already once.This text is machine translated. - More Info - EAN: 4006333054228

Dickie Toys 203084003 RC Cars 3 Turbo Lightning McQueen 1:24 RCThe Dickie Toys Turbo Racer Lightning McQueen lives up to its name! Finally News From Radiator Springs: Cars 3 comes to the cinema and the most popular small car of the film series conquers as a Turbo Racer Lightning McQueen of Dickie Toys the racing tracks in the children's room. The Toy car with 2-channel remote control (2.4 GHz) and a range of up to 20 meters dominated almost as many tricks like the film model: it can forward and reverse driving, to the left and right and has a fast-paced turbo function. After inserting the additionally needed batteries can experience why Lightning McQueen its name to kids directly right contributes.This text is machine translated. - More Info - EAN: 4006333054204

Dickie Toys 201119110 Phantom Phaser 1:16 RC model car for beginSpeed practices of small on a great fascination on people. The Dickie Toys RC Phantom Phaser is just the right gift for fans of fast Flitzern: The radio-controlled racing car can reach up to 20 km/h! Thereby, a suspension ensures that uneven surface for the offroader no obstacle is. High-performance rubber tires and an impact-resistant bumper offer the right protection in the event of unforeseen crashes. The Fine steering setting on the vehicle guarantees a continuous straight run. The car comes with a charger set, in which the necessary batteries are already contained. After a charging time of 80 minutes drive of the funky racer 20 minutes. Speed go!This text is machine translated. - More Info - EAN: 4016139197098

Dickie Toys 203117001 RC Transformers Bumblebee 1:18 RC model caFully functional.This text is machine translated. - More Info - EAN: 4006333029745