9 Litre Foam Fire Extinguisher – AFFF Foam with 5 year Warranty & UK Manufactured by A2Z Fire

£99.99 £37.97


The A2Z Fire Ultra 9 litre foam fire extinguisher is an amazingly good value piece of kit for anyone looking for the highest quality and reliable extinguisher from one of the world’s leading fire safety companies.

A2Z Fire is a world renowned and trusted brand in the fire extinguisher industry and our 9 litre foam AFFF Extinguisher is a superb choice with its 27A and 183B fire rating.

It comes with a full 5 year warranty as well as being kitemarked to BS EN3 and CE marked giving you total confidence in its construction. Don’t be fooled into buying cheap foreign imports with 1 year warranties and lesser build quality. You want an extinguisher that will work if you ever have to use it to protect your business.

Foam fire extinguishers offer a better all round fire rating than water models as well as being lighter in weight and easier for people to handle. They are safe for use on Class A fires involving solids such as paper and wood as well as being suitable for Class B fire covering hazards such as flammable liquids like diesel. They should not be used on electrical fires which is why they are normally paired with a CO2 fire extinguisher for total fire safety.

Technical Specs:

Full 5 year warranty
Supplied with free wall mounting hook
BS EN3 approved, BSi kitemarked and CE marked
Fire rating of 27A and 183B
Height 580mm
Diameter 183mm (Overall 193mm)
Filled weight 13.9kg
Discharge time of 30 seconds


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • BSEN3 approved, CE Marked 0036 approved, BSi Kitemarked
  • Fire rating 27A 183B
  • Free wall mounting hook