1ltr AFFF Foam (Budget) Fire Extinguisher



The small and compact 1ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher is new and filled and supplied complete with a bracket meaning that the fire extinguisher can be wall or vehicle mounted. Foam fire extinguishers offer protection against Class A and B Fires that typically involve liquids or materials that liquefy such as petrol, oils, paints and fats. The small compact size makes them ideal for use in the home, small offices and workplaces. Guarantees: This fire extinguisher is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase provided that the fire extinguisher is serviced from new in accordance with BS 5306: Pt 3 by a trained, competent fire service engineer using genuine spare parts. This guarantee does not cover defects caused by accident, misuse or neglect. Quality approvals: This fire extinguisher is CE Marked Approved. CE Mark: From May 2002, all fire extinguishers which operate under pressure have to be manufactured according to the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). All fire extinguisher sold by FireMart are CE Marked in full compliance with the legislation. Locating fire extinguishers: The 1ltr foam fire extinguisher is supplied complete with a wall mounting / transport bracket meaning that it can quickly and easily be wall mounted or fitted in a vehicle. Technical Specification

  • Fire Extinguisher Rating 5A/21B
  • For use on general class B fires
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 3
  • Fully CE Mark Approved
  • Working pressure 14 bar
  • Temperature range: 0 – 60°C
  • Cylinder material: Steel
  • Pressurising gas: nitrogen
  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • Polyethylene internal lining
  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • Spray nozzle
  • Transport bracket included
  • 1 year warranty
  • Weight of charged extinguisher: 3.00kg
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