UK Premium Quality LED Turbo Supercharger Volkswagen Tiguan,Volvo, Touareg Turbine Rechargeable USB Electronic Cigarette Lighter Keyring KeyChain 2017 (Chrome Silver)

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-L.E.D Light
-Turbo Spinning Disc
-Turbo Sound!
-Cigarette Lighter

Many Car/Automotive key rings have come and gone over the years, but this by far rules the roost.

It comes in a Bespoke High Quality Box with foam cut out.

Great for all Car Fans weather NASCAR, racing car, modified car, F1, Off road, we all appreciate the lovely noise of a Turbo Charger, and this mimic’s it perfectly, the noise is a Changing pre-recorded Noise and has 10 Seconds of Unique turbo Sounds (2 Sounds which change each time you press it).

A really high quality little trinket Gift that they will never put down.

The cigarette lighter is Very Safe and can not go off in your pocket

In order to trigger the heating element you must hold the back button and the front button at the same time, which is not possible to do by accident. It also comes with a safety cap that fits snugly on the end of the keyring over the heating element for that extra bit of protection. the heating element takes about 3 seconds to get hot enough to light a cigarette or a fire.

It is not a blowtorch or naked flame lighter, that is just too dangerous for this type of thing. The Element will Glow Red when ready to Burn!

A Big Heavy High Quality Keyring – this is not one of those things you see online then receive and its been made for a dolls house, this weighs well in excess of 100g and is 11 cm * 2.5 cm * 4 cm .

Whats more we are a UK Based LTD Company, and we deliver our items via 1st Class Mail, so you won’t be waiting a lifetime to get your item.


  • New to the UK Introducing our Highest quality Turbo Charger Keyring. This keyring is very well made and you can feel the Quality.
  • It’s a Great Gadget to fidget and mess about with and has 4 Great Features rolled into one!
  • It has great battery life and will last for weeks, but if it runs down simply plug in the Micro USB Charging Lead and charge off your laptop of mains plug.
  • In a range of 6 Unique Colors
  • High quality strong keychain Lead