Trucking Made Better: Proposed Changes


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This book is about government regulations effecting the trucking industry, which I propose are actually hurting the industry. Buried in dozens of pages of the Federal Register is a statement that sleep deprivation should not occur when drivers obtain regular sleep. Drivers are not allowed to deviate from regular sleep patterns thanks to the 10 hour mandatory break, however additional regulations, such as the mandatory 34 hour restart rule, have been laid on the industry. These added regulations are not necessary thanks to the regular sleeping patterns imposed by the daily 10 hour rest break. This book was written to argue the repeal of additional burdens on the trucking industry, including proposed additional regulations. Sales of the book could help finance additional work in support of moderating regulations that have reasonable doubts regarding their usefulness. Risk is managed, never eliminated. It is easy to imagine in the political world we have the power to do otherwise. This book was written with the intention to give anyone willing to temper over reaching regulations, the motivation to do so. I invite you to join me help correct what I believe are mistakes in legislation.


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